How to become Delivery on Sachok?

Must have:

  1. Time and Desire
  2. Learning and Developing
  3. Bike and the most important to Live in Brooklyn in area Bensonhurst/Borough Park/Brighton Beach/Sheepshead Bay

Do you live in one of this areas or in 5 minutes on BIKE from there are, but feel free to send to us your resume on E-mail:

For 5 minutes we will answering to your and making an appointment for an interview at a convenient time for you. Asking all your questions and we will be happy to answer them.

At the moment we are providing our service Sachok Delivery in this areas:

  • Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
  • Borough Park, Brooklyn
  • Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
  • Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

If your haven’t of TIMES, we will FOUND for your the right time,

If your can’t LEARN, we will TEACH,

If your don’t know how to DEVELOPING, we will GIVE your the direction,

If your don’t have a BIKE, we will PROVIDE it to you,

If your have not found your AREAS, we will CONNECT to your area,

But if you don’t have DESIRE, unfortunately, we can not HELP you.

Successes, future Colleagues!


Sachok Delivery Team